Netease Cloud Music Apk Download

Netease Cloud Music Apk Download

Netease Cloud Music is the best app to stream and download music songs to your android device. It has become a great app for all the Chinese shenanigans. You can download thousands of songs absolutely for free. Netease Cloud Music app is just like Chinese Spotify app which gives you access to songs online. Unfortunately, this app is only designed for the Chinese. This app is an excellent masterpiece with more features and it has the majority of genres. But as I said before this app is mainly for Chinese people and the UI is in Chinese too. So, our great developers at xda tried to translate the app into English, German, Deutsch & Espanol(Spanish). And well it worked! Want to know how to use Netease Cloud Music app in English? Read the steps below.

Netease Cloud Music


This application is available for two types of smartphones. One is ROOTED phones with root access and one without root which is a modified apk file. It’s up to you to download a version which suits your smartphone device. So let’s get started. For the root users make sure you have Xposed framework installed on your phone.


  1. Install AndroTraductor Xposed module here, install and enable it in Xposed.Netease Cloud Music
  2. Install Official Netease Cloud Music apk file from here. (this is original and official link of app)
  3. Download the translation files according to your language. Choose either Español, English, or Spanish.
  4. Create a folder in the root directory(sdcard0) of your phone using any file explorer and name it dv_translate.
  5. Extract the translation zip files you have downloaded into the dv_translate folder.
  6. Restart your phone and you can now use Netease Cloud Music app in your language.


Download Official Chinese Version of app from Google Playstore

Download Official Espanol or Spanish Version from here.

Flash this zip file using a custom recovery to block ads and block hosts. In case if you want to restore original hosts and allow ads flash this file.


If you need some extra features like 320kbps songs, custom radios, synchronize music & create a playlist you have to register. To register first go to this link. Since the registration form is in Chinese you can use Google Translate. If you don’t have Google Translate then the first text area is your email, the second text area is your password and the third text area is Confirm Password. You have to verify your email address by using the link that you will receive in your inbox.


  • If you have a previous version of this app installed, please uninstall it and install the new version
  • NETEASE CLOUD MUSIC app won’t ask you for any strange permissions. If it asks them then allow the permissions. Everything is safe.
  • If you have any antivirus software installed on your android remove it. There is no virus for the android system as the android system runs on LINUX. All antivirus programs are a scam. They provide ads to you and make money.

I wrote this article in a neat manner for you to understand. Huge thanks to the devs of xda and superdevs of weebly. In case if you need to track the original development of the Netease Cloud Music app go here. Hope you like this article. Dont forget to share it and feel free to comment below!

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